Anita Martin, Counsellor & Personal Development Trainer

As a Counsellor and Personal Development Trainer since 2000 I have faced many challenges and lessons along the way and wouldn’t change any of it. 

Initially, at 18 years old, I began my career as a nurse, which led me to working with the elderly in Residential homes as a Manager and for seven years running my own small residential home combined with bringing up a family.  During this time, I was drawn to train as a Counsellor and then a trainer which resulted in me working with adult education and many community groups, including men’s refuges, businesses and individuals. 

I have organised many events through the years and in 2005 I embarked on a solo journey around New Zealand, which resulted in me writing a book about my experiences, ‘Awakening to the Power of Intuition’. I have used this book in my teachings. 

I have also been involved in working with an International Emergency Services company.  I was deployed after major disasters and worked with the bereaved, personal effects and also delivered training on bereavement to airline staff and police.

In 2012 I joined Norwich Speakers Club, which is part of Toastmasters International.  I entered and won several contests from local to division level and soon recognised how the organisation demonstrated so beautifully, how with the right support and encouragement, individuals could grow beyond their expectations.  

I am passionate about my work, particularly in personal development and believe everyone can reach their potential, if given the right support and guidance and my aim is always to empower by assisting others in finding their own answers.

In 2019 Bailey my dog, came into my life and has enhanced my work with his friendly, therapeutic nature.  He accompanies me when clients choose and often just simply by responding to him, is just what someone needs in order to release some blocks that have been created due to whatever the client may have experienced.


Sometimes a stranger comes into your life and in time, you can’t imagine how you ever managed without them. Anita started by helping me to declutter my home and her enthusiasm was infectious. In time I began to declutter my mind as well and opened myself up to the positive influences around me. 

As my counsellor and life coach, Anita brings so much to my life – emotional support, spiritual calm, positivity and laughter. 

She is warm and sympathetic, has a solid background in counselling and if you’re at all anxious, her little canine assistant Bailey will help you to relax. If you really want to take control of your life in a gentle and intuitive way, I wholeheartedly recommend you choose Anita Martin.

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